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Direct Mail Services

Direct Mail Target Marketing Made Easy.

Direct Mail is still one of the top direct marketing options because it allows you to target your market using targeted mailing lists. Sending coupons, invitations and brochures to your prospective or current clients home or business is the efficient way to market many products and services. Geographically based businesses or businesses with a defined target audience are the perfect candidates for using direct mail.

Freedom Creative helps businesses harness the power of direct mail. What’s the difference between junk mail and successful direct mail? Successful direct mail campaigns use targeted lists to connect with their target market. A well designed mail piece (brochure, postcard, or the very effective letter in an envelope) along with a compelling oer sent to your business’s target market can be a super effective marketing tool.

Direct Mail Marketing expertise and creativity backed up by 20+ years experience.

  • US Postal approved software that guarantees lowest automation rates.
  • Powerful database management software and expert know-how.
  • High speed mailing machines using the latest technologies.
  • Targeted mailing lists and strategies.

Six Benefits of Using Direct Mail

  • Target your market with surgical precision.
  • Deliver your message to your prospects' homes and/or mailboxes.
  • Mail coupons to entice consumers to learn more about your products & services.
  • Deliver a full and complete sales presentation of almost any length.
  • Track, measure and test the effectiveness of your advertising dollars
  • The ability to repeatedly expose your prospects to your message.

Targeted Mailing Lists

Targeted mailing lists are based on some sort of qualification. Why pay to send your message to people who won't be interested in your product or service. Click here for list counts.

Successful Marketing

As any successful marketer knows, the key to successful advertising is getting your message in front of; possible buyers. Mailing lists can be designed that target the person or organization most likely to purchase your product or service.

Find and Sell: Most Desirable

Using income, age, homeowner/renter status, location, interests and other descriptive factors, Freedom Mailing can help you find and sell to the people most likely to desire your product and service

Consumer Database

Click here for list counts. Sample list of selects on our consumer database: Age, Sex, Income, Location, Renter/Homeowner, Age of children, Pet Owner, etc...

Business Database

Click here for list counts. Sample list of selects on our business database: Business type, size, gross receipts, number of employees, years in business, location(s), etc...

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