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Decals, Stickers & Vinyl Graphics

“A masterpiece doesn't push you around. It lets you make up your own mind about what it means - and change it as often as you like.” -Terry Teachout

Decals, stickers, and adhesive vinyl. These are among the most critical, and most versatile tools you can bring to your business. Window decals, vehicle graphics, indoor or outdoor wall mounted vinyl displays, cut lettering, and much, much more. Wide Format Adhesive Graphics give you widely adaptable medium to personalize your locations, accentuate your vehicle fleet, and get unique exposure for your business. Custom decals can brand, label, or decorate nearly any product you sell, and providing made-to-order stickers will allow your customer base to spread the word about your company on their own. And that’s without mentioning perforated window graphics, etched vinyl finishing, removable decals, and full vehicle wraps. Freedom Creative Solutions will happily assist you in exploring the vast array of options that cut vinyl graphics, stickers, and decals provide.

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Available Sizes

  • custom sizes available

  • custom shapes available

  • from as small as 1” circles to wall sized decals available


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Product Description

Adhesive vinyl graphics are called great marketing tools and often referred to as Decals, Stickers, Cut vinyl, Vinyl transfers and other names. Decals and stickers are usually used to refer to adhesive vinyl that will be applied to a wall, computer, car, refrigerator or other surface. To clarify, cut vinyl stickers/decals and cut lettering usually refer to adhesive graphics that are contour cut, weeded and masked for transferring to substrate. The masking helps keep all the pieces together.

Click here to see a masked cut vinyl piece applied to a computer.

  • Cut vinyl Graphics
  • Cut Lettering
  • Decals
  • Stickers
  • Removable Repositionable Graphics

Helpful Hint for stickers/decals installation: Be sure to clean surfaces with isoprophy alcohol before applying a decal. DO NOT USE WINDEX OR OTHER AMMONIA BASED CLEANERS BEFORE INSTALLING A DECAL OR STICKER.

Q: Will stickers, decals or other adhesive vinyl graphics damage the paint on my car or other painted surface?

You should tell the company you purchase your stickers from what you want to use them for. High quality vinyl like what we use at Freedom Creative Solutions will not damage car paint. If you want to use the sticker on painted sheetrock and want to be able to remove or reposition them without damaging the paint, we have decals/stickers that work for that as well. Just let us know your concerns and your end use and we will help you get the best sticker for your project.

Q: Should I get a laminated sticker even though they are a little more expensive?

If your sticker will be exposed to light and you want it to last over 6 months or so without fading, you definitely should have it laminated with UV overlaminate that is designed for used with adhesive vinyl graphics. The overlaminate will make your decals or stickers last for years without significant fading and will give the graphics a scratch resistance as well.

Q: How are decals and stickers priced?

Generally decals and other adhesive vinyl graphics are priced by the square foot. There are price breaks at certain square foot amounts. Sometimes it may cost less to get 100 stickers than to get 90 stickers because a significant price break is reached. Also, sticker & decal pricing depends on whether they are simple rectangles or if they are a custom shape. Custom shape decals are more expensive. Another consideration is how complex the weeding job is. Weeding refers to taking out the unwanted vinyl in a contour cut design. See video of weeding here. (Need video) Weeding an intricate design can take many times longer than weeding a simple square or circle design.

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